Aidi Finance presents the #AidiToTheMetaverse Design Contest.

Aidi Founder
2 min readFeb 15, 2022


Calling on all Designers and Art Enthusiasts!!!!

To prepare our future offerings, including the upcoming Aidi Finance (BSC) utility, we are retheming our ecosystem to fully embrace an imminent move into the Metaverse. In light of this, we are launching a design competition to create a new visual appearance that represents this renewed theme.

We are looking for a single image, that captures the essence of our new motto “Aidiverse: Create, Play and Prosper in the metaverse” and represents our current and future ecosystem.

Everyone is invited to participate. You do not have to be a holder.


- The submitted piece must be the artist’s original work and must not be plagiarised.

- The current brand and logos can be used for inspiration. They can also be retouched and improved

- There are no specific requirements for the image or its contents as we believe in artistic freedom. However, the work should capture the spirit of Aidi Finance.

- To understand the ecosystem and products, please read the whitepaper at (please note that the metaverse part will be added later when we publish V3 of our Whitepaper)

- If you need any additional information or inspiration, please join us at and voice your questions in our beloved community

- The competition begins on Wednesday, February 16th, and will run until 15:00 GMT on Wednesday, March 16th. The winner will be selected on March 17th. Prizes will be paid out within 24 hours of the winner being announced.

- All participating works must be minted and listed on AidiCraft ( under the category “Aidiverse Metaverse Contest”. Please note that choosing the “free minting” option on Aidicraft lets you mint an NFT at no cost.

- All submitted works must be listed in Verse. Submissions listed in any other currency will automatically be disqualified.

- The works must be listed as a single NFT, available in 10 units at a price of 250 Verse (or 200 USDT) each.

- The creator will receive ALL sale proceeds for their work. Please note that listings in Verse on AidiCraft are free.

- Finalists will be chosen based on the number of likes received on AidiCraft. The top 10 most liked entries will make it to the final shortlist.

- The winner will be selected by the Aidi Finance leadership team

- The winning design can and will be used extensively in Aidi Finance marketing and branding. If the creator consents, we’ll also publish a story behind the creator’s vision and promote his/her future works on AidiCraft.


The winner of the contest will receive:

- 2500 Verse tokens

- 15 Trillion Aidi (Bsc) tokens

- 1000 Usdt

- Get the story behind their vision published and promoted

- Get a selection of his/her future works featured and promoted on AidiCraft.