Aidiverse Atomic Swap is live!

Fig 1: Aidiverse Bridge preview

Supported Blockchains

Swapping tokens across the bridge

  • Make sure you are connected through your browser on a Personal Computer to use the bridge while using and use and Select Aidi bridge while using on mobiles.
  • Make sure you’re logged into the network where your tokens (Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain) currently reside. Select the number of tokens you would like to bridge across (Maximum of 5 Trillion $AIDI per crossing) and click the Initiate Swap button on the bridge you would like to use.
  • After clicking the button to begin a swap, you will go through a couple of transactions to approve the bridge to send your tokens, and finally to send your tokens to the bridge. Once the transactions are processed successfully, it means the tokens are sent to the bridge.
  • After your tokens have been sent to the bridge. You will be presented a swap ID, unique identifier, and amount that you should write down in the event you need them later.
  • Switch to the target network where you would like to claim your bridged tokens. Once switching, the bridge cards will update on the interface and you should see a red message in the bridge where you just started a swap.
  • Click the Claim Tokens button to begin claiming your tokens from the bridge. If you are connected with the same wallet, the details regarding your previous deposit in the other network would be displayed. You have to enter the same details in the boxes below and click on Claim Now.
  • If you see very high gas fees for the transaction (normal gas fees: 0.01 ETH-0.1 ETH), then it might be because of the wrong swap ID, unique identifier, or amount. Make sure you enter the same info you got from the source network while depositing.
  • You will execute a blockchain transaction that will initiate claiming your tokens. Note that depending on the network(s) your bridge uses, this step of claiming could take several seconds to several minutes to complete. Feel free if after several minutes of waiting to receive your tokens to initiate claiming again, as a transaction can get stuck or be slow to complete due to congestion or gas variability.

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Aidi Founder

Aidi Founder

Aidi Founder

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