$VERSE (Previously known as ‘HOWL’) airdrop to AIDI Holders: everything you need to know

Aidi Founder
2 min readAug 27, 2021


To kick-start the launch of AidiCraft, Aidi Finance along with the community members have decided to airdrop $VERSE (Previously known as ‘HOWL’) to all the active $AIDI [ETH] holders. $VERSE is AidiCraft’s Rewards and Utility Token. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the $VERSE airdrop, answering the most frequent questions.

What is $VERSE and why we are airdropping it to $AIDI [ETH] holders?

VERSE is the native utility and rewards token of the NFT marketplace AidiCraft and is designed to reward active platform users. As we are growing in numbers and expanding our presence on the market, we created $VERSE to attract more NFT Artists and Users to create and transact on AidiCraft. The airdrop is aimed at raising awareness among all NFT owners, artists, and community members, as we offer a better way to trade on the marketplace with excellent rewards.

Who is eligible to receive $VERSE in the airdrop?

To be eligible for $VERSE airdrops you should:

When will the airdrops be done?

The airdrop will be completed by the 14th of September 2021. 5% of $VERSE total supply will be split equally among all valid address entries in the form.

How many tokens are being airdropped?

5% of the total supply will be utilized for airdropping AIDI [ETH] holders. There are 3 tiers and the split goes like this:

Tier 3: All holders with at least 2T tokens.
Percentage: 2.5%
Amount: 125,000 tokens

Tier 2: Wallets that haven’t sold any tokens at all, holding at least 2T tokens.
Percentage: 1.5%
Amount: 75,000 tokens

Tier 1: Top 100 holders who haven’t sold.
Percentage: 1%
Amount: 50,000 tokens

Spread the word

We want to make this airdrop as fair as it can be. With this airdrop, we aim to reach all NFT enthusiasts out there and spread the word of the AidiCraft launch. If you know someone who owns NFTs — make sure to share this information with them as well! The greater the NFT audience joining AIDIGANG, the better it gets.